Silverfish Control

Silverfish Pest Control

A silverfish is a flat, wingless, whitish coloured insect which is quick on its feet. 

  • Silverfish are common in Victorian homes and businesses, hiding in small cracks and crevices. They prefer to live in dark and damp areas and are often found in bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and basements where the conditions are suitable for them to thrive. They are nocturnal insects and restrict their activities to dark undisturbed areas, such as the roof, subfloor and wall cavities. Silverfish are often found in baths or basins. This is because of their inability to climb smooth surfaces, not because they live in drains as some people believe.
  • Silverfish grow from egg to adult without any visible change in appearance. They live for a long time, up to three years, so can cause much damage over time. A female may lay up to 100 eggs during her lifetime, which usually hatch in 2–8 weeks.
  • Silverfish feed on materials high in starch content such as books, photos, wallpaper, linen and clothing. Therefore they are often to be found in wardrobes and book shelves. Small nibble holes are evidence of their feeding activity. To minimise silverfish infestations and damage, avoid storing books, paper, photos and the like in your roof or closed cabinets. Always inspect incoming goods such as second hand books or furniture for evidence of silverfish.
  • Good housekeeping is vital in controlling silverfish. Regular vacuuming along skirtings, under furniture and in corners will discourage these insects and also reveal attack at an early stage. Items requiring storage should be washed or dry-cleaned and tightly sealed in plastic bags.

A PEST-ZAP specialist is a skilled, trained and experienced professional who is certified and licensed with an understanding and knowledge of silverfish and the control methods required.

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