Frequently Asked Questions

Captain Zap Pest Technician

Is a Pest-Zap technician available after hours or on weekends?
"Yes, we are available for early morning starts, evenings and weekends at normal rates.”

Is it safe to remain on the premises while the treatment is being carried out?
"Yes, Pest-Zap uses safe pesticides, but we do recommend that you vacate if possible during the application and allow 3-4 hours after completion for the treatment to dry and the rooms to ventilate. We highly recommend asthma sufferers, pregnant women, babies and young children stay away during treatment and for a minimum of 4 hours after treatment.”

Are my pets safe after the treatment?
"Yes, there is no concern to the safety of animals as the amount of active ingredient that they may take in by contact or ingesting orally is too small to be harmful. However, we do recommend that you vacate your pets during the treatment application.”

What do I need to do prior to a pest control treatment?
"Please ensure the following is done prior to our service:

  • General housekeeping.
  • If possible move furniture away from the walls to allow spray access along skirting boards.
  • Cover up or remove fish tanks/bowls as fish are particularly susceptible to pesticides.
  • Pack away or cover up food items.
  • Close all windows and doors and keep them closed until treatment has dried.”

Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards when treating cockroaches?
"No, we apply gel bait not a liquid spray to areas where cockroaches nest or harbour.”

Will the gel baits applied to the inside of my cupboards contaminate my food?
"No, the gel is only applied to cracks, crevices and hinges where the insects congregate or harbour.”

Will the treatment spray stain my carpets or painted walls?
"No, our emulsion is a water based residual spray that does not contain strong solvents that might affect colouring or finishes.”

Will the pesticide spray harm my plants and damage my garden?

What do I need to wash after the treatment?
"We recommend you wash your pet’s bowls if they were left out during the treatment application.”

What if I touch areas that have been sprayed?
"If the application is still wet then wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water as soon as possible. But once the carrier (tap water) has evaporated (approximately 3 hours) the active ingredient adheres to the surfaces and will not contaminate or harm you.”

Should I have my carpets cleaned before or after the pest control treatment?
"The treatment should preferably be done after the carpets have been cleaned or vacuumed.”

I am renovating. When is the best time to do the pest control?
"We recommend that the pest control is done last, after all other tradesmen have completed their jobs. Preferably one or two days prior to you moving in.”

Should I be worried that the pest control technician will dirty my carpets and leave streaks down my windows?
"No, at Pest-Zap we pride ourselves on the extra care we take not to dirty carpets, furniture or anything else. We are careful with our spray applications not to cause runs down walls and windows.”

Will I still see pests after the treatment?
"Yes possibly, however insects that wonder in from outside will cross treated areas and die shortly afterwards.”

Does the treatment come with a warranty or guarantee?
"Yes, a three to six month warranty is given, depending on the type of pest.”

How often should I have a pest control treatment done?
"We recommend your house be inspected every 12 months and where pest infestations are located we would apply treatment.”