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Safe and effective pest control services, Pest-Zap are your trusted professional for Pest Control in Eltham.

Fully licensed, insured and certified, we treat your pest problem in the safest and most environmentally friendly way.

Affordable and efficient our team of pest exterminating experts are ready to control all pests from your property today.

PEST-ZAP provides our clients with the best price and value for money. We keep our pest control prices competitive, without cutting back on our quality workmanship, superior pesticides and excellent service.

Fully qualified, licensed and experienced to deal with your pest control problem immediately.

Certified And Licensed Professionals

  • Leading pest control Eltham.
  • Latest equipment and chemicals.
  • Effective and lasting results.
  • Safe and effective treatments.
  • Australian pest control standards.
  • Department of Health Certified.
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Eltham Pest Control Services

Customer satisfaction is our objective, so we will make sure that whatever your pest problem is, Our experienced technicians will provide the best options in pest control.

Ants Ants



Bed Bugs Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Cimex lectularius

Bees Bees



Carpet Beetles Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles

Anthrenus verbasci

Clothes Moths Clothes Moths

Clothes Moths

Tineola bisselliella

Cockroaches Cockroaches



Earwigs Earwigs



Fleas Fleas



Flies Flies



Mosquitos Mosquitos



Portuguese Millipedes Portuguese Millipedes

Portuguese Millipedes

Ommatoiulus moreletii

Rodents Rodents



Silverfish Silverfish


Lepisma saccharina

Spiders Spiders



Wasps Wasps



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Why Pest Control In Eltham is Important

Pest control in Eltham is important because of Eltham’s close location too bushland, local parks and reserves.

Pests makes their way onto your property looking for food, water and shelter.

They bring with them all sorts of issues including damage to property, threats of bites, stings and disease.

The different seasons in Victoria attract changing pests that need to be controlled. Spiders, and cockroaches come out in spring with ants, mosquitos and flies in summer and rodents are a wintery pest.

All throughout the year pests such as bed bugs and fleas can be a major problem in Eltham. Also an increasing issue are wasps and bees. With the European wasp causing serious problems to your home or business and can be very dangerous if not treated quickly.

Pest control Service Areas

PEST-ZAP is located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, so if you are located in and around this side of Melbourne, we have got you covered for pest control, extermination and pest management.

For a list of all locations in the Eastern Melbourne region click on the link or give us a call.