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Croydon Pest Control

We provide a full range of pest control related services throughout Croydon and the surrounding areas. If you need pest control in Croydon, call us now for a fast and effective treatment that won’t cost you the earth.

What our customers say about our pest control Service

“Douglas is friendly, on time, value for money and the bugs are gone”. - Craig Allan

“Thank you Doug for taking care of the wasp problem and even got the house sprayed. Fantastic service”. - Linda Balassone

“Fantastic service. Will definitely be using Pest-Zap again” - Julie Craig

PEST-ZAP is a team of fully licenced professionals with a friendly smile and efficient service that will rid your home or business of pests.

Get in touch today for immediate pest removal or a no-obligation quote on services.

We specialise in the removal and control of all pest in the Corydon area.

Here at PEST-ZAP, the service we provide and have been providing our customers for many years is structured around family-friendly, pet-friendly and environment-conscious products where applicable.

If the pests return within the warranty period, we will come back and retreat the property completely free of charge.

Pest control is the process in which pests are fully removed and eradicated or exterminated from your living environment.

Pest Control Benefits

There are many benefits to pest control in Croydon. We make sure you are happy with the results of our efficient service. Here is a list of what you can expect from our pest treatments.

  1. Stops the risk of disease. Pests carry germs and diseases that you or your family may become exposed to.
  2. Prevents damage to your property caused by unwanted critters. Examples of this can be holes, scratched surfaces, broken structures etc.
  3. Peace of mind. Know ing that those nasty pests are completely gone will enable you and your family to stop stressing and worrying, which will provide that long good nights sleep you deserve.

Pest Control Features

PEST-ZAP is a leading pest control service in and around Croydon. We are local to the area, which is one of the most loved suburbs in Melbourne. We know the types of pest there are and how to stop them. Here are some of the PEST-ZAP pest control feature you can expect.

  • Owner operated, meaning more pride in the work done.
  • Available before and after hours, seven days a week, at normal rates.
  • Friendly and courteous.
  • Safe and proven pest control products.
  • Pest Management Plan.
  • Superior workmanship to Australian pest control standards.
  • Ongoing after-sales service.
  • Licensed, qualified, insured and certified pest control service professionals.
  • Safety conscious.
  • Environmentally friendly.

See our pest control questions and answers FAQ to get to know how you can care for your environment and stop those nasty pests from ever returning.

Pest control Service Areas

PEST-ZAP is located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, so if you are located in and around this side of Melbourne, we have got you covered for pest control, extermination and pest management.

For a list of all locations in the Eastern Melbourne region click on the link or give us a call.