Portuguese Millipedes Pest Control Melbourne

Portuguese Millipedes Pest Control

Portuguese Millipedes belong to the family of Myriapoda (meaning many-legged). They were introduced to Australia from south-western Europe in the late nineteenth century. Their common African name is Shongololo.

  • Portuguese Millipedes have a smooth, cylindrical, body which is segmented with multiple pairs of legs and are dark grey to shiny black in colour. Juveniles are light brown with a darker stripe along each side.
  • When disturbed, a Portuguese Millipede will curl up into a tight spiral or otherwise try to escape with thrashing snake-like movements. They are one of the few millipede species that are attracted to lights at night. They are not harmful to humans, however they can be a severe nuisance when hundreds invade your property and home. They also can cause damage to plants and vegetables similar to snails.
  • A perimeter treatment application around your home or business leaves a residual that is very effective against millipedes. Also cleaning up decaying leaves, bark chips and other garden refuse will reduce areas of shelter for the millipedes.

A PEST-ZAP specialist will have the products, equipment and knowledge to effectively control Portuguese Millipedes.

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