Clothes Moths Control

Clothes Moths Pest Control

The two most common clothes moths are:

  • Case-bearing clothes moth: a small grey-brown coloured moth with spots on its forewings.
  • Common clothes moth: a small golden-brown coloured moth without distinctive wing markings.

Clothes Moths perform a useful role in nature by eating refuse matter such as feathers, hides, fur, beaks and horn, not eaten by other animals or insects. These insects become pests only when they enter homes, where they feed on textile products derived from animal fibres such as wool, mohair and fur, sometimes causing serious damage. The clothes moth occurs most frequently in the coastal areas where the more humid conditions are favourable for their development.

Clothes moths have four stages to their life cycle: Egg - Larva – Pupa – Adult

Only the larval stage of clothes moths feed on animal fibre products. When not eating household goods, the larvae feed on spider webs, dried animal skins and other protein rich material. The clothes moth larvae are cream coloured caterpillars with a brown head. The droppings of clothes moth larvae are brittle, resembling course sand.

A PEST-ZAP specialist is a skilled, trained and experienced professional who is certified and licensed with an understanding and knowledge of clothes moths and the control methods required.

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