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Black and Brown rats tend to to be the most common types of rats found in Croydon and, although rats can be an all-year-round problem, they tend to be worst in winter as that is the time of year rats find shelter from the cold and wet weather.

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Do I Have A Rat Problem?

If you do have a rat problem, you will need to look for signs that they have made your home their home.

Signs that you may have a Rat problem include:

  • rat droppings that look like pellets
  • Footprints.
  • Frayed wires that have been chewed.
  • Burrows,
  • Live or dead rats,
  • Urine stains.

Rats tend to be most active at night so this is when you will most likely be kept awake by their sounds.

Sounds you may hear include:

  • fighting.
  • scratching.
  • footsteps as they run around.
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Benefits Of Rat Control

It can be a lot more cost-effective to employ a professional rat control service into your home to control your rat infestation as they know what they are looking for and where.

Rat control experts will be able to recognise the signs of where the rats are nesting and breeding and will be able to provide effective methods of control including eliminating entry points and food sources to stop rats coming into the house, as well as baiting to eliminate the current rat residents.

Our expert team use outdoor and indoor baits. Overall, the chances of success in eliminating a rat infestation are significantly higher when a professional service is engaged.

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Rat Prevention

The first step to preventing a rat infestation is to stop them getting into your house. To do this, you need to closely inspect all surfaces of your house, ground to roof and back again in order to identify and seal up any hole (they can get into gaps from 8mm up).

From there, you need to remove anything that could resemble a home or food. This means any clutter or junk, food (compost is a nice warm source of food) and foliage (leaves and branches).

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The Best Rat Control Defence For Croydon

At the end of the day, the best offence is a good defence when it comes to rat control in Croydon. Understand what attracts rats to your home, such as food, warmth and shelter, and eliminate the way they can get into your home and make it their home. If you are unfortunate enough to have them in your home, get in touch with us today for immediate service. Our methods are tried and tested in eliminating rat infestations and preventing their return. If they do return, we provide a free ret-treatment. So you can be rest assured the rats will be gone for good.