The Residential Tenancies Act states that the lessor shall ensure that the rental property at the commencement of the tenancy is clean and fit to live in and that the rental property is to be maintained by the lessor so that it remains fit to live in…(not clean).

Rental Properties Pest Control

Therefore, unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement, the lessor (landlord) is responsible for general pest control treatments for infestations from pests such as ants, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, bees, wasps, silverfish and fleas for the duration of the lease.

However, the lessee (tenant) is responsible for pest control if they have actively encouraged a pest infestation. Such as bringing bed bugs home after travelling or encouraging rodents and cockroaches into the house through bad hygiene habits or incorrect storage of foods.

The lessee (tenant) is also responsible for having an End of Lease Flea Treatment if the tenants have kept pets on the premises, even if the animals have been kept outside or only for a short while.

Generally the real estate agent (leasing authority) will not sign over a tenants bond until it receives a detailed receipt for an End of Lease Pest Control Treatment from a registered pest control company. Alternatively, the leasing authority may require an End of Lease Pest Inspection Report from a registered pest control company before releasing the bond back to the tenant.

Very importantly... always arrange for end of lease pest control treatments to be carried out after cleaning. Cleaning soon after a pest control application will wash away the chemicals applied and will result in a non-effective treatment.

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