PEST-ZAP also offers a GO-GREEN (100% organic remedies) pest management plan option.

Alternative Organic Pest Remedies

We can use organic remedies for the control of pests for those more environmentally conscious people and for those people who suffer from medically related side effects from the use of pesticides and chemicals. There are natural methods of dealing with almost any type of pest as an alternative to using pesticides.

Our natural recipes have been handed down through generations for hundreds of years and have been proven to work effectively.

The GO-GREEN PLAN is an all-natural maintenance programme which involves an initial treatment consisting of a thorough inspection of the property to determine the cause and the extent of the pest problem. Our objective is to make the environment as inhospitable as possible for the pests. We achieve this through exclusion and proofing by sealing likely access points and trimming back plants touching the building. We also advise on hygiene and storage habits necessary to keep the pests at bay. We then apply our natural pest repellents using only natural ingredients.

The initial treatment is followed up by monthly visits to reapply the natural repellents, maintain the exclusion proofing and trim plants if necessary.

Customer cooperation is vital for the success of an all-natural pest control programme.

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PEST-ZAP specialises in the control of common domestic pests near Balwyn making your home safer for your family.

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PEST-ZAP is located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, so if you are located in and around this side of Melbourne, we have got you covered for pest control, extermination and pest management.

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