Damage Caused by Rats When Left Unchecked

In this month’s episode of Bug Banter, Doug discusses some of the unusual activity we have seen in Melbourne in recent months and the concerning consequences of using over the counter rat poisons and not addressing rodent activity around your home quickly and professionally.

In the pest control industry, it is common knowledge that winter is rodent season, but when winter is preceded with an unusual weather event there is the potential to unsettle pest populations and their normal habits. This is what Australia experienced in New South Wales after the flooding as a mouse plague hits Eastern Australia with one of the worst plagues in living memory.


Common signs that you have rodents in and around your home:

  1. The most obvious sign is usually rodent droppings, but these are not always evident when the rodents are nesting in the sub floor or have made their way into the roof void.
  2. The next obvious sign is night-time sounds, either in the roof void, the walls or underneath the house.
  3. The final sign that the problem may have been left too late is when you see them in the house or see evidence such as droppings in the house. This means that the rodents have found an entry into the home as well as a potential food source.


It is important to act quickly and give Pest-Zap a call to investigate the extent of the problem. Pest-Zap specialises in Melbourne’s Northern and Eastern suburbs to put down effective rodent control measures to significantly reduce and eliminate rodent activity around your home.

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