Cockroach Control

cockroach control Melbourne

Do you need cockroach control for your Melbourne home or business?

Cockroaches are a common pest in Melbourne, they are dirty and can cause illness to your family. They have a flat body shape, which means they can get into very small and tight spaces. They are active in the night, so they can go unnoticed. They carry germs and disease on their bodies, which can be transferred onto various items used by humans.

Best Cockroach Control Service

PEST-ZAP are experts in cockroach control. We provide the best possible service for customers in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We will implement an effective cockroach management plan that will leave your home or business feeling safe, healthy and clean again.

Cockroach Control
cockroach control Melbourne

Certified And Licensed Professionals

Our protocol for treating your home is to completely exterminate cockroaches and prevent them from returning.

We are a fully licensed, owner-operated business. Our team consists of experienced and trusted cockroach control professionals, who are family oriented and use only safe products when possible.

Pest-Zap has a free retreating service within warranty and we are local to the North-Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Owner operated.

Fully licensed and insured.

Reliable, professional and experienced

Friendly and family orientated.

All Products are safe.

Affordable prices

We provide great knowledge and advice.

We have a warranty period for retreating pests free of charge.

Customer Reviews

Pest Zap cockroach review by Jac Lane

“Doug is a lovely guy and an awesome professional, who got rid of all of my spiders, cockroaches and ants when I was seriously considering just leaving the house to them. He worked around 3 kids and 2 cats with ease, and made my life worth living again.” - Jac Lane

Pest Zap cockroach review by Exar 751

“Doug has prevented any further rodent and cockroach infestations at our home. We can’t recommend him highly enough.” Exar 751

pest-zap customer Anne Brouwer

“We had a cockroach problem in our apartment and Doug was able to help us out quickly, efficiently and for a good price. He was really nice and I felt comfortable leaving him alone in our apartment to carry out the pest control. We would be happy to use him again in the future if we ever have any pest problems.”- Anne Brouwer

Cockroach Control Methods

When it comes to cockroach control, you must ensure the service is done 100% efficiently and thoroughly. Some cockroaches breed at an alarming rate, almost doubling their population every 11 days. By having proper cockroach control methods, you will prevent cockroach problems from recurring in the future.

  • Inspection - Locate the infestation
  • Clean Areas - food, water, moisture etc
  • Bait Traps
  • Spray Pesticides
  • Monitor and follow up
cockroach on a wall
Australian cockroach image courtesy CSIRO


There are many varieties of cockroaches in Victoria, but they are not all bad

Australian Cockroaches

Native Australian cockroaches do not want to be in your home. They want to be outside in the bush. These types of cockroaches, once properly identified can be caught and placed back outside.

They don’t want to be inside and usually end up there by mistake. These native cockroaches, are usually not harmful to humans and are actually beneficial to the environment.

These Cockroaches Need To Be Removed

The cockroaches that need to be removed and exterminated in Melbourne, are the introduced species, such as the German, American and Oriental cockroach varieties.

These cockroaches are not native to Australia and cannot survive out in nature.

They can be found inside homes, kitchens and restaurants. They transmit diseases, can cause structural damage and may cause financial problems due to health inspections. They need to be controlled immediately.

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests, which means they come out at night and look for places where there is moisture, so they can lay eggs. It is also why they can go relatively unnoticed. They creep around at night time!

They carry disease because they go into drains, pipes, cracks and places where germs, bacteria and diseases are found, they then crawl onto your food, your toothbrush or clothes.

German Cockroach in Melbourne
American cockroach Melbourne