Broadmeadows Pest Control

Welcome to Broadmeadows’ specialist provider of pest control services.

If you live in or near Broadmeadows you may be experiencing a problem with a number of different critters. One of the reasons for this is Broadmeadows’ close proximity to various parks, reserves and sports fields, coupled with the close proximity of Broadmeadows’ residential and business properties to these pest favourable areas. Also different seasons bring on infestations of different pests. In Victoria we experience an influx of spiders, rodents and cockroaches in the springtime, followed by ants, mosquitos and flies in the summertime. Textile pests, along with fleas and bed bugs can attack all year round, while bees and wasps are becoming an increasing problem.

At PEST-ZAP we provide a full range of pest control related services throughout Broadmeadows and the surrounding areas. If you need residential or commercial pest control in Broadmeadows call us now for a fast, effective treatment that won’t cost you the earth.